John Flynn Multi frame System For Hand And Machine Quilting


John Flynn Multi frame System For Hand And Machine Quilting

This didn't sell the first time so I hae relisted it at a reduced price.

** This system has never been used; it was simply put together with test material**

Flynn Multi-Frame Quilt System

The main function of a quilt frame is to hold the part of the quilt you are working on together at the proper tension while it stores the rest of the quilt.


The frame was engineered to fulfill these functions in the simplest manner while allowing the greatest comfort to the user.


The Flynn Multi-Frame is a simple, lightweight three-rail scroll frame that can be held in your lap for hand quilting or  used with your home sewing machine for no-baste machine quilting.


The quilt is rolled up on rods - similar to the way museums store fine quilts to protect the fibers  from damage.


The tension adjustment is simple, accurate and foolproof.  It adjusts easily to accommodate any stitch style or batting requirement.


The Multi-Frame is very simple to use. 


The system comes with the owner's manual, instructional DVD, and muslin starter strips.  Again, this system has never been used, so is in excellent condition.